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Celebrating Life in Jesus, Growing in Faith, Sharing His Love




Our vision is to be a vibrant Lutheran congregation in which people of all

ages are engaging in joyful celebration of the new life we have in Jesus,

growing into mature followers of Jesus, and being equipped and encouraged to share the love of Jesus purposefully in home, congregation and community.




The three key words in our mission statement – CELEBRATING, GROWING, SHARING – help to structure our ministry and shape our process for forming disciples through the power of God’s Spirit.   We would like to become a congregation where:

  • People hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, experience the joy of salvation, and willingly embrace new life in him.

  • People are invited to celebrate the Christian life through regularly attending Sunday worship

  • People are welcomed into relationship with Jesus and his people at St. John’s through experiences of personal welcome, home hospitality, fellowship events and small groups.

  • People of all ages are assisted, equipped and resourced to become people of growing faith in home, congregation and community through preaching, teaching, worship and other faith-forming events and activities.

  • People are encouraged towards involvement in the small group life of the congregation for mutual support and encouragement.

  • People are encouraged and supported to identify their God-given passions, talents and skills.

  • People are invited to exercise their employ their passions, talents and skills in service of God’s kingdom, whether in home, congregation or community.

  • People are encouraged to grow in generous, intentional financial giving in support of mission and ministry.

  • People are equipped and supported to witness to their faith in and through their daily lives.

  • People are encouraged to serve their wider community in the name of Christ.

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