Here are some responses to “frequently asked questions”  that visitors or guests to St. John’s may have:


What are the times of your Sunday Worship Services?

On most Sundays we have Worship Services at 8.30 am and 10 am.   A number of times a year we also have “St. John’s Community Sundays”.  On those Sundays there is just one Worship Service, at 9 am.  Check the calendar on the home page of this website for the dates of these Sundays.

Where is the church building?

Our church building is located in Bundaberg South, on the corner of George Street and Boundary Streets.  If you are coming from the city centre, go south on Barolin or Targo Streets and then turn left onto George Street.  You will find us on the right, east of the South State School.  If you are coming from the Isis Highway (Takalvan Street), go east along Walker Street and turn left at the Boundary Street traffic lights.  Go straight ahead at the “Fiveways” roundabout … you can’t miss us.

Where can I park?

We don’t have a church parking lot but there are plenty of parking spaces available on Boundary Street, George Street and Bell Street (the street behind the church off Boundary Street).  The main entrance to the church is off George Street.

Is there wheelchair access to the church building?

Wheelchair access is not available at the entrance to the church building, due to a series of steps.  Wheelchair access is available through a double-side door on the west side (Boundary Street side) of the church building.  A concreted ramp leads up to the doors. Please ask one of our Sunday morning ushers/welcomers to assist you – they will be more than happy to do so!

What do I need to know to participate in your Worship Services?

The words for our Worship Services are projected onto the walls behind the altar, so no hymn/song books or paper orders are needed.  Holy Communion is celebrated at most of our Services – download this brochure for helpful information about how Communion distribution “works” at St. John’s.  Attenders who do not wish to receive Holy Communion are welcome to come forward for a personal blessing.

Do you have a dress code?

No.  Come in whatever clothes are comfortable for you.

Are children welcome?

Yes, children of all ages are very welcome at St. John’s.  We are understanding and accepting of “young sounds” and a child’s need to wiggle and move.  There is a book rack for pre-school age children on the right hand side of the church building, near the front pews.  For older children there are weekly activity/colouring sheets available behind the entrance table area – please ask an usher/welcomer to assist you.  School aged children may wish to join in our Sunday morning KMotion program which starts after Holy Communion in the 10am service.
A cry room is available for very young children and provides some privacy for nursing mothers. A change table is also available in the room.

Do you have information packs for visitors?

Yes, these can be collected from the entrance table area.  Various brochures about our ministries are included in our “Visitor Welcome Pack”.

How can I leave my details with you?

Pads of “Message Cards” are provided in each pew, together with pencils.  You can provide us with your details by filling in a Message Card and placing it either in the Offering Bag distributed during the Service, or in the Return Box near the church entrance doors.

Do I need to give any money?

No.  As a guest or a visitor, your presence is gift enough.  While we welcome financial contributions in support of the ministry and mission of our congregation, we do not “demand” or expect you to give.  For Christians, giving is a cheerful “heart response” to God’s love and grace.


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