It is always our delight at St. John’s to be part of God’s gracious work in the life of a child through baptism and to be part of their family’s journey of faith in Christ. Baptism preparation is one way we seek to carry out our congregational commitment to support and equip households to celebrate life in Jesus, grow in faith and share his love.

Baptism Sundays

Baptisms usually take place during a regular Sunday morning worship service. There are 4 Baptism Sundays during the year, on which Baptisms take place. Your child’s Baptism (or yours, if an adult, will take place along with other families who have chosen the specific day.


Notice of at least two months is requested for a Baptism in order to allow time for preparation to take place. Contact Pastor to discuss what is involved.

Baptism Ministry

St John's
Lutheran Church

+61 7 4152 5900

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