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There isn’t one person I know who doesn’t need courage somewhere in their life right now. One of the devil’s key weapons in the life of men is to have them walking discouraged, that is, head down, always responding out of shame, guilt, or fear.


But what if fear is actually False Evidence Appearing Real? What if being courageous isn’t primarily an attitude we have to strive for, but a quality we first of all receive? What if we really haven’t been given a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind? When we are freed to live with courage as our starting point, everything changes for the better.




  • Living courageously in a world of fear -- being called from the casual through the crucial and into the critical will release us to those people and places where courage is really needed

  • Living courageously from your true identity -- finding your true self and living courageously as sons of God

  • Living courageously, growing in intimacy -- you won't find words such as vulnerability, intimacy, authenticity, or humility down at the local, but they are the qualities of real courage that transform lives ... yours and others

  • Living courageously as a person of influence -- the world needs people full of courage, and whether up front or behind the scenes, courageous people are the ones of lasting influence.

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